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Artful beauty

20140202-123334.jpgThe last 24 hours have been super thought provoking for me. After publishing my blog yesterday Excuses I have been deep in thought about what truly is beautiful.

At the same time on my instagram account, I started a instagame encouraging my friend to Occupy Social media with Art rather than selfies, Shark debates, Bit Strips, weird recipes and more.

To fill our worlds with beauty rather than the overwhelming tide of opinion, debate and consumerism.

How often do we feel overwhelmed in our need for perfection when we were created to evoke beauty in our originality?

This sanitised world we live in promotes perfection, it promotes more clothes, more debt, more belongings, a better car, a better husband, a better blog, a better instagram. If only we had just one more thing, we would feel beautiful and therefore happy and content.

A new car is not going to fulfil you.

The satisfaction of a new outfit will be short lasting.

New shoes, new boobs, new friends, new house… The list is ever growing.

As we purvey each others lives through iphone shaped screens, we are silently sinking in the belief that if I just had that…I would feel so much better.

So I am encouraging you, to surround yourself with beauty.

A quote that inspires.

A painting that evokes emotion.

A book that challenges you on the inside.

Maybe it is time that we deal with our dissatisfaction from the inside out.

One insecurity at a time.

With vulnerability and courage.

Giving away what we have to de-clutter our lives from the crumbling walls of our consumerism.

Living in beauty rather than debt, living lightly knowing what truly satisfies eternally than momentarily and fleeting.

All my love


2 thoughts on “Artful beauty

  1. All too true! Keeping it real and simple. Great frame for the year ahead. xxx

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. Happy days!

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