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I made this quote montage yesterday for another online network I am a part of Kinwomen. This quote has haunted me ever since. It is powerful.

The revelation I have been getting from this quote is about regret.

How often do we spend our days trying to change, manipulate and make pretty our ugly moments?

Rather than changing the core reason why those low points surfaced anyway.

Imagine if we put more effort into character development, rather than crisis management and public relations.

At the end of my days, I want to be known for my character.

That I am changing.

That I am growing.

I disagree with the old wives tale that says ‘A leopard can’t change its spots.’

I understand where it has come from, because many times I watch and yes some people don’t learn from their disasters.

There are some who do though,

There are those who grow.

There are those who open their lives with accountability and humility.

Allowing friends to help and shape.

Allowing God to mould and design.

Letting go with humility of the moments we got it wrong and learning from them and changing for the better.

My life is far from perfect, but my desire is to make the whole beautiful and learn from the ugly.

How about you?



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