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Unique inspiration


Every person is unique, therefore what inspires us individually is always different.

A whole crowd of people can be watching the same performance or experiencing the same moment and respond to it completely uniquely.

What inspires your neighbour will bore you.

What enthrals you, won’t even be noticed by a friend.

My son Max is currently obsessed with helicopters.

He wakes up in the morning and the first thing off his lips is ‘helicopter!’

So most mornings, more often than not  you will find us together watching a helicopter documentary on YouTube and my eyes glaze over.

(I don’t care what components make up a helicopter, I am bored by 15 mins of non stop helicopter flying.)

My son however is enthralled.

The thing about inspiration, is so often we apply formulas to our lives hoping that the formula will make us feel more inspired or bring change.

What worked for someone else may never work for you.

Mostly because what inspires them is completely foreign to you.

We all have a inspiration language.

Just like the popular book Love languages, I believe in inspiration languages.

Do you feel uninspired?

What is your inspiration language?

What about music, candles, flowers, quiet, reading, friends, coffee, tea, space, cafés, metropolis, new cities, aeroplanes, like me?

Or is it something else.

Write down the things that inspire you?

Write down the atmospheres that inspire you?

Write down your most inspired moments.

They become your clues.





Go back to your list.

See you tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Unique inspiration

  1. I adore the way you write. Simply, yet purposefully each topic…somedays its starting to feel like your extracting whats on my mind and giving me a revelation for it….Thankyou again and bless you Bx

    1. Hey brandie, thanks so much for your encouragement and thoughts here. Hoping you are finding new inspiration. If you are #inspire14 I’d love to follow along. Amanda

  2. Bookmarked this post and just took some time to write my list – thank you xx

    1. Jodie that is so good, I need to post my list up somewhere for those days that I need an inspiration boost.

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