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Attention seekers anonymous


I just went for a big walk on the beach to cool my shoes down so I don’t respond out of reaction to something online. Needless to say, I won’t be on much social media for the rest of the day I think. Time out.

I feel bombarded by people’s opinions, where in an everyday context, I wouldn’t get involved but I do because they come up on my newsfeed online. I would walk away from that conversation. I would abstain.

Oh this creative, over publicised, opinionated world we live in.

I am a little over attention seeking.

Maybe we need to form an Attention Seekers Anon.

Yes, this blog is full of opinion as well, I realise that.

Is reading other people’s thoughts helpful though?




I think it depends on the fruit.

I think it depends on the character of the person who is speaking, writing or communicating.

It is so easy to have our attention drawn to the loudest, proudest voice.

I however am drawn to a person’s fruit in their life rather than their opinion or spin.

‘Beautiful things don’t ask for attention they are just there…’

The secret place, a place of discipline, a place of courage, an anchor of peace.

Beautiful things like;



long suffering


believing the best in people





These are all amazing and releasing traits that build a life worthy of listening to.

Someone who has built these into their everyday, someone who is quick to say sorry, someone who is aware of their own failings.

I will sit under their teaching and consider their ideas. I will listen to their thoughts, their wisdom and their reflections.

I am sure if they are living a life of growth and beauty, they will not have their opinions, judgements and ideas set in stone either.

They are aware that their opinions and thoughts are a moving, shaping, life evolving, learning species.

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, they are just there.

If someone constantly demands your attention, look to the fruit.

If someone is unwilling to listen to your thoughts and ideas and grow and change, then be aware of the influence on your life.

Breathe in and let go.

Paul Scanlon an amazing communicator yesterday posted on instagram ‘I choose to unsubscribe from your issues…’

Talk tomorrow.


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