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Facing weakness


A couple of weeks ago on a sunny Monday morning I joined thousands of people around Australia on a 12 week challenge.

Week one was brilliant. I stuck to the routine, I shopped excitedly, I exercised my pregnant body carefully.

Week two started valiantly but ended terribly. Add in some social occasions, Valentines day, some Pringles and a magnum and I was ready to admit defeat.

This morning I woke determined deciding to get back on the horse and start again. I went for a walk, then some stretches and I went for a swim at the beach. As I stood in the ocean I reflected on the weak points of my two week journey.

My weak spots are; snacks, exercise and water. As I stood there with the wind gently blowing, I realized I needed to face my weaknesses head on.

I needed to admit them to my husband, I needed to acknowledge their sabotage in my health journey and bring change gently into my daily routine.

The whole shopping healthily as well is something I hate. The details, the expense…I faced this problem head on today again and did a decent shop filling our house with goodness.

I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at spending 50 dollars on a curry takeaway dinner from our local haunt, but spending 200 on 7 or 8 healthy meals makes me froth.

Why am I so quick to spend big on the immediate?

But so slow to fill my fridge with healthy stock that helps my family thrive?

Because they are my weak spots. They are my crutches. They are my stumbling blocks on the road towards my goal which is health and well being.

What are your weak spots?

What are your stumbling blocks?

What sabotages your goals?

Write them down, acknowledge them to a loved one and work slowly at breaking their hold.

Raw day today, I am very aware of my weakness, but at least I’m facing that which is holding me back.

Being real with our issues is a hard reality to face.

Worse however is living a life in denial pretending everything is totally fine when you are constantly disappointed in yourself.

Facing my weakness and growing stronger in it’s light.



6 thoughts on “Facing weakness

  1. I think we can all relate to this Amanda. Our weaknesses are portals for perceived failure. However, an indiscretion is not a reason to give up. Just get back up and try again-that is success. You are on the right track.

    Good on you for taking positive steps today. You are a success! Don’t let the small things steal the big picture of moving in the right direction.


    1. Thanks so much for being a kind and constant inspiration Elaine. I have made changes today and feel great for it. Facing our weakness is not always a bad thing. A humble place but far from a bad one. Inspired once again. Love you

  2. Thanks for being open. This is similar to my journey with health. We do all have weakness and to be accountable is such a wise thing to do.

    1. Thanks tam. It’s such a step by step process and just like Kay said in my earlier post comment we need to be kind to ourselves.

  3. I love the verse in 2 Corinthians (2:9) my grace is enough……now I take my limitations in my stride and with good cheer……..I just let Christ take over!!!!! Face those fears, ask God do help – you are going to achieve so much – as you already have!!

    1. Thanks for that verse, its fantastic. Yes! It’s been a good week.

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