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Time capsule


22nd of November 1988, I was in year six at ‘Star of the Sea’ primary school, Rockingham. My Sister, Brother, Mother, Father and I lived 5 mins from my school and I was obsessed with dancing.

My mum still lives in the same house and received a letter a few weeks ago, from the local council, to say a time capsule had been found from our family planted in the council archives 26 years ago, November 1988.

Here are some of the items found in the Powell family archive.


The cutest part of the time capsule was a letter I wrote to myself back then. My dad was on our local council, I loved school and I was obsessed with dancing. It is so amazing to see 25 years later a letter written by a ‘not yet in highschool’ little creative, how much my life 25 years later looks like what I imagined.

Here is the letter…


I may not be a kindgarten teacher or a dance teacher (although somedays it feels like it as max and I create our own little grooves). I am however a teacher. Not formally, but someone who lives to love and help people.

My friends were important and dear enough to make it to my letter.

I loved my family, my sister, my brother, my life.

I’m soon to be the mum to two little people and the last line just melts my heart.

In the future I just want peace and caring but mostly I want everyone to love God.

That indeed is still my heart.

Spoken from the mouth of babes.

Maybe you should make a time capsule with your children. It’s a fascinating way as an adult to look back into the heart of your childlike innocence.

Speak tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Time capsule

  1. So so cool!! Your writing is still so similar – love that! I have changed styles about 50times since then. I also remember doing a time capsule when Jubilee 150 was happening too, so have called my primary school to enquire 🙂 Thanks for the inspo xx

    1. Hello!!!! I know I smiled as well. It’s amazing how your personality can shine through at 11 or 36! Hilarious. I sent the letter through Facebook to some of the girls in the letter as well, we were all cracking up. Have fun finding your time capsule. Amanda

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