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Yesterday I launched a new initiative called March Inspired… You can read more at this link, I’d love you to join us. I have decided to write my next book everyday for 30 days of March. Finishing on the 31st of March where I will be speaking at the Perth SPARC event. I thought I should start to brush up a little more on my biggest weakness in writing.

My grammar!

There is a new website that has been recently released called ‘The Hemingway’ .

It is a very basic website, that analysis’s your writing and suggests changes that make your writing more efficient.

You paste your piece of writing simply on the page and watch the colours denote the area’s of error and improvement required.

A simple but brilliant tool for speeches, blogs and writing.

I love creative writing but am terrible at grammar. I am more excited about new ideas and thoughts, than the pain of going back and editing my work.

If I am going to start calling myself a writer though, I don’t have a choice but to improve this area of my work.

My friend Elaine Fraser from Beautiful Books, uses this tool with her writing from Microsoft word, it is called Readability mode.

Hope this inspires you to write often and write well.


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