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dear single self,

dear single self

I need your help.

If you are married?

If you have been divorced?

Have you been widowed?

or if you are separated.

If you have been reading my posts of late, my latest project is called ‘Yestember: a 30 day guided journey for singles’.

I want to include 30 letters in my e-book from people who have been married or are married.

These letters will be anonymous, I just need a little context for the reader;

* How old you were when you got married?

* And how old you are now?

If you would help me, I want to publish 30 letters in my latest book about being single and over 25. To hear wisdom from people who are already married, what they would say to their former single self, what you would do differently,  what you didn’t know but know now, how to live your days as a single women…etc

Your letter might go something like this

Dear Single Self,

How do I even begin to talk to you about the things that have radically changed my perspective of singleness. I am now 37 turning 38 and I got married when I was 34 turning 35.

I want to tell you to stop worrying. Stop striving, stop wishing, stop craving, stop manipulating. I want to tell you to let go. Let go of all of those expectations, those overwhelming sessions of late night worrying, those times when you are so consumed with being single, that you have stopped living the life you are living.

You will get married one day.

You will have a child one day.

You will.

If only you could take hold of that truth and walk out this amazing season of your life with that perspective.

Enjoy yourself

Go to a counsellor

Hang out with guys without imaging what your wedding could be like to each other.

Stop fantasising and start living.

You are loved and worthy of love.

You belong and are worthy of belonging.

Drink deep drinks of the love of God and live a life that surrenders to beautiful things and beautiful moments.

You don’t need to wait till your married to start truly living.

Say yes.

Say yes to beautiful, interesting things.

Live a interesting life.

Live large

Love me

(a very pregnant, very in love, very stretched, very tired but very satisfied me.)


This is my letter to my single self, what is yours?

I think the young and middle aged women who read these letters will be so moved and so inspired but the perspective and wisdom that you will bring.

I need 30 people.

All you need to do is email me your letter by the end of March. The earlier the better as I am sure that you will inspire me towards my writing this month. If you know someone who is in their later years, with a fabulous story about singleness and marriage, please help them and get them to write to me and I will give you my postal address for them to send me their contribution.

Forever grateful



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  1. As a 32 year old single lady, thank you:) Will be looking forward to this e- book xx

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