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Blank pages


If I have to tell you the truth I have had a bit of writers block.

Maybe from the emotions of the week.

Maybe from exhaustion from 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Maybe the combination of the long hot summer, in Perth today it was 38 degrees.

Maybe because the topic of singleness is so damn complex.

I don’t want to add another formula to the mix.

I don’t want a book full of cliches and dribble.

I want something practical, compassionate but motivating.

I want God breathed words.

So today I bought a gold journal, I switched off my Facebook and phone.

I wrote on a blank page and words unfolded.

Somedays we just need a new journal, a blank page and to turn off anything that distracts.

A nice pen always helps me as well.

Speak tomorrow I must get back to that blank page.


1 thought on “Blank pages

  1. It’s funny. I was thinking of you today and I was thinking that you were a little quiet today. I don’t often comment but I do read your musing regularly and today I missed them. I love your honesty and I love that you can get through your writer’s block. It sounds like there’s a lot that could get in the way but you still found a way to break through. I’m happy that you got through this tough week and look forward to reading what next flows from your heart.

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