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Being cool is overrated


I went to the anniversary of my school opening last night. It was a big night time/fete kind of event and it was really great.

My 2 year old loved the music, the balloons, the atmosphere, almost as much as I did.

Walking around my high school though, that was celebrating 25 years since I was in year 8 as a foundation student was really awkward and brilliant!

I stood there waiting for a hamburger realizing the room I was being served from was my year 8 form room and I was there every morning at 8.30am, 25 years ago.

Twenty five long years.

As I was driving home I was thinking ‘how much time did I spend trying to be cool, rather than truly being the best me I could be?’

When you are 37, with children, living the life you have dreamed of, you gain a whole heap of perspective on what is cool and what is not.

I love this quote from the movie ‘Almost famous’

The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool.

That is the truest statement.

In this online saturated, over communicated world, I see so many people trying to be cool.

The words they write, the photos they post, the lies they produce.

Imagine if we lived our lives not trying to impress others but actually being true to the most inner most of our being.

Stop trying to be cool.

Just be you.

Speak tomorrow


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