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Baby Reveal

baby reveal buttonWell the day is here and I am so excited. Today we had a Baby Reveal Party with my family at our weekly family night. Preparing to let those closest to us know whether we are having a baby boy or girl has been the most lovely of times.

Whether a boy or girl, we honestly didn’t mind, but knowing this was our last planned pregnancy I had a little hope in my heart that the cake would be pink inside.

Here are some photos of what happened today.

How exciting!


What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice

And everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of…


We are so grateful, mostly that she is very healthy.

Speak tomorrow


5 thoughts on “Baby Reveal

  1. Oh Amanda, that is so exciting for you. I love the unique way in which you revealed your news to your loved ones and then shared it with us. I’m not surprised by your unique reveal – in fact I’ve come to expect nothing less.

    I had 3 beautiful baby boys and whilst I quietly hoped that just one of those pregnancies may have revealed a little girl, I was more thrilled to discover that each and every one of those little boys were carried to term and born healthy.

    I now am the very proud grandmother to a beautiful little 18 month old girl and am going to have another granddaughter in June.

    I always felt so sure that I would have a little girl one day, I just didn’t realise she would come in the form of granddaughters.

    Congratulations again Amanda. I pray that the remainder of your pregnancy is incident free and joyful as you await that special day when you meet your daughter.

    1. Thanks so much Dayle, we are very excited! Our family night was hilarious.


    1. I knooooooowwwwwwww so stoked!!!!

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