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On the weekend my nesting went to a whole new level.

8 Garbage bags later, coupled with 5 bags of baby clothes, my little shack was revolutionised.

My sore back, my exhausted spirit (the nostalgic part of me that believes I can repurpose EVERYTHING), made me feel very satisfied indeed.

I have come into this week feeling so much more inspired than I have for a while.

Weird experiences resolved, new seasons unfolded and projects launched.

It is like my creative-o-meter has kicked into another gear.

And I am so excited about here.

As I was lurking around pinterest I found this tutorial

I have some wool that would work beautifully and I know exactly where it is after the declutter- a- thin.

Are you feeling uninspired?

Chuck away some things, it may kick start a whole new season.

Love always


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