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Divine Distractions

divine procrastinationI am supposed to be writing everyday in March for something I started called March inspired!

I have been collating, I have been musing, I have been questioning, I have been ruminating, I have been crocheting, I have been cooking, I have been decluttering but the problem is…

Not much writing.

In essence I have failed the challenge that I set out for lots of people to join with me.

And it is okay.

Sometimes you just can’t force it.

Sometimes you will do anything possible, even scrubbing the back of the bathroom cupboard to escape sitting down and doing what is your intention.

Are we all rebels?

Are we all hopeless at commitment?

Nope, we are just creative beings, who need boundaries and shape to form our creativity, but somedays need to wait for the right moment to fill it in with colour.

I can’t explain it, but somedays I just have to wait.

It doesn’t mean I have failed, it just means I am collecting.

I am in my hunter, gatherer phase and the downloading into words on paper will happen soon.


Soon and very soon.

Procrastinate with me, no matter what it is, do something to instigate inspiration.

Essentially thats what March inspired was all about anyway.


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