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Good energy


The word energy has been high jacked by the new age, hippy styles colloquially.

I am not using this word in the context of charkras, auras and herb flicking ceremonies.

The energy I am talking about is the one we all feel.

That weird feeling.

The awkward moment.

I am always quick to pick up bad energy.

Bad vibes.

Awkward feelings.

Intense moments.

I have written a lot about this theme lately so it’s not new, but I never have a good energy or good vibes when I sit in a room with friends who are all on their phones.

I am often the worst culprit but I always walk away feeling a little baffled.

I want to change it, but often in the moment I don’t know how.

This Easter I’m taking charge.

I’m going hands free, phone free, social media free.

As much as I appreciate the tool for this blog and the community it brings, I am needed by my family more.

I want to have great conversations.

I want to play.

I want to rest.

I want to engage in the moments that arise.

Who needs your energy this Easter?

Maybe consider making it a phone free Easter with me.

Turn it off.

I promise the world will go on.

All my love


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