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my inspiration catalogue

max and books

Most days I am sure this is what my brain looks like.

I don’t have a slick cataloguing system for my writing.

I don’t have journals that are neatly lined up with words and quotes to boot.

My brain is a sponge that is constantly picking up little bits and pieces like a wall of post it notes that are each competing for space.

What I do collect though is memories?

My brain is like a massive Pinterest board that is constantly soaking up moments, memories and opportunities to be inspired.

My eyes are ever seeking, ever open, an inspiration junkie looking for its next inspiration fix.

This is how I design.

This is how I write.

This is how I produce.

This is why my instagram feed will never be slick and predictable.

This is why my style, my brand and my voice is ever changing.

I am unique and today I am brave in my expression of it.

I am organised in a very disorganised way.

I am driven in a very random way.

I am colourful with my moments of grey

I am unpredictable and expressive.

I am becoming okay with my mis-matching clothes and messy hair.

I am not seeking to be cool or hip or wanted.

I am not seeking to be noticed or popular or followed.

I am seeking truth.

I am seeking God.

I am seeking that which is often difficult to find.

Honesty, brilliance, care, friendship, creativity, innovation, deep spirited souls, imperfect offerings of courage.

An inspiration addict right here.

With my own little creative catalogue in my brain.

My first book Capture; 30 days of inspiration takes you through a 30 day guided journey of inspiration if you are looking for a kind of inspiration system.

For today, I am happy to sit in the middle of the floor surrounded by my crazy ideas and revel in creativity.

Speak tomorrow


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