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kind, brave and true


strawberries and creambrave

Most mornings we are woken by a two year old, suggesting strongly ‘Wake up, Mummy…’ ‘Wake up, Daddy…’

I am sure this sounds ultra cute but at 5.30 in the morning, when it is raining and cold, the cute factor wears a little thin.

This morning however, I opened one eye slowly, hoping that even the sound of that movement wouldn’t stir the troupes.

Then I remembered, our little morning man, had a sleep over at his Nan’s and the silence of the morning was golden.

As I opened my eyes again, the sun rising and the house stilled, I looked at a piece of artwork I had recently shifted to hang at the end of my bed and I contemplated.


My thoughts went a little like this…

Am I kind?

Am I brave?

Am I true?

I know in my day to day, there are moments, when I am far from kind. Wanting to slow down and be more intentional with my words and my moments.

I know yesterday, as I gathered courage about a situation in my world, I felt far from brave but I started a conversation that mattered and the heaviness lifted.

I know that often I exaggerate, in the wonder and joy of the moment and it is something I have been daily working on, to be more true to the moment and the information.

How are you going in these areas?

I sit here this afternoon, with a strawberry and cream tea, the wind blowing through my window and I am so grateful for time to contemplate.

I am so grateful, that these days my life is not busy, it is intentional.

I am so aware of the moments with my little ones, that pass so quickly.

Today I am aware of being kinder with my words, braver with my choices and truer with my conversations.

Delighting in those moments, that wash away so quickly.

Till we meet again tomorrow.


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