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the best is yet to come

the best

How often do we think that our best days have past us?

We dwell in nostalgia, forgetting all the struggle and strife in those days, yet truly the best place for us to dwell is in this very moment.

We reminisce.

Those skinny years on the beach, those carefree moments in university without a mortgage and early morning wake ups. That job we loved and lost, those late nights at cafes with friends with no responsibilities and the list goes on.

Today I have woken with a very sneaky hunch. I baked banana bread for my favourites and smiled at the days to come and thought…

‘The best is yet to come.’

It is resounding in me like a song that plagues.

‘The best is yet to come.’

I kinda have a feeling that this promise is not just for me and mine, but you and yours as well.

‘The best is yet to come.’

The reason I believe this, is every new day has potential to be something magnificent that we have never experienced before.

To be captured.

To be revelled in.

To be lived.

The lessons we have learnt from those failures, have the capacity to gird us with strength for the new journey’s.

The people we have loved and lost, have taught us faithful lessons of patience, peace and what we are really worth in relationship.

Lately my little Maximus, has started noticing rainbows. Everywhere we go, he notices them, even when I don’t. The power of a rainbow, is it was created as a promise for tomorrow. Every time we see it, we know that God see’s and knows the struggles of today and he delights in the potential of tomorrow.

Every new day has a promise like no other and all it takes for us to step into it, is guarding our heart from the hurts of the past and stepping up to the promises of tomorrow.

What do you have to loose?

Step into new days, new moments and new possibilities.

Throw off the weights that hinder, they hold you back and do something brilliant towards your new day.

I’m inspired about tomorrow.

How about you?


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