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No rain = no flowers


We have had a super quiet but super exhausting week.

We had a false start on Saturday night, where miss v, nearly came to town but then it seems she got stage fright.

That has left me in a funny place the last few days.

Enjoying the moments, really excited about the new adventure beginning but also super frustrated as we got so close and then sent home again from the hospital.

Our little town has had a crazy amount of rain this week which has held me a little captive as well.

Today I read this quote and it made me smile.

No rain
No flowers

It’s funny I have a friend I email sometimes and she is much older than me and lives on a farm.

Whenever the rains come to the farm, they are overwhelmed with gratefulness.

She always talks about the rains in her email.

When the rains come, they know that the crops are okay for another year.

Do you feel grey with the winter rains?

Just like me in these last days of waiting, I feel a little grey and have had enough.

Without the rain

There can be no flowers.



Speak soon.

Maybe when I’m a mother of two.



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