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taking stock July


Making: Little Baby Girl Bloomers out of old embroidered tablecloths.

Cooking: In my slow cooker, my favourite this week was Lamb, spinach and mushroom brown rice and quinoa. Yum!

Drinking: Water, a coffee a day and all kinds of tea.

Reading: The fault in our stars by John Green. I am still reeling from the movie.

Wanting: Some Hubble and Duke moccasins and a new candle.

Looking: for any sign of Labour. Anything.

Playing: With Lego, my son has just discovered its brilliance.

Wasting: wool on little things, trying to stay busy while I wait.

Sewing: Baby Rompers. I have seen a few I like and am going to have a try for some outfits for Summer.

Wishing: My sister would come home. Her being in Amsterdam last week is too close to home for my liking after the MH17 tragedy.

Enjoying: Chicago Fire, a new TV series to help me bide my time and the new album from hill song.

Waiting: The obvious. 39 weeks.

Liking: being online less. I have made a big effort to not have my phone in bed and to do more with my hands so that I am not flicking around social media all the time.

Wondering: What is going to happen in the world at the moment with all the imminent war and conflict.

Loving: Velvet Acorn. I cannot get enough of her patterns at the moment.

Hoping: For miracles.

Needing: More inspiration to keep on going with my current book.

Smelling: New Perfume from my beau.

Wearing: My maternity clothes waiting desperately to throw them away!

Following: The free woman.

Noticing: That there is always an invincible summer in the midst of winter. Sunsets, walks on the beach, they are all a choice no matter the weather.

Knowing: That God is faithful.

Thinking: A lot about giving birth and know many women have done it before me, but it still freaks me out.

Feeling: a little scared actually, lots of tragedy around me and trying to stay brave in the face of adversity.

Bookmarking: Pinterest is a lot of fun at the moment.

Opening: Presents from friends who are visiting excited about our little girl.

Giggling: Not much, maybe that needs to change.






(I found this Taking Stock idea first from Em here)

Somedays all it takes is a little bit of time to celebrate the ordinary to feel perspective shift.

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