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taking stock July


Making: Little Baby Girl Bloomers out of old embroidered tablecloths.

Cooking: In my slow cooker, my favourite this week was Lamb, spinach and mushroom brown rice and quinoa. Yum!

Drinking: Water, a coffee a day and all kinds of tea.

Reading: The fault in our stars by John Green. I am still reeling from the movie.

Wanting: Some Hubble and Duke moccasins and a new candle.

Looking: for any sign of Labour. Anything.

Playing: With Lego, my son has just discovered its brilliance.

Wasting: wool on little things, trying to stay busy while I wait.

Sewing: Baby Rompers. I have seen a few I like and am going to have a try for some outfits for Summer.

Wishing: My sister would come home. Her being in Amsterdam last week is too close to home for my liking after the MH17 tragedy.

Enjoying: Chicago Fire, a new TV series to help me bide my time and the new album from hill song.

Waiting: The obvious. 39 weeks.

Liking: being online less. I have made a big effort to not have my phone in bed and to do more with my hands so that I am not flicking around social media all the time.

Wondering: What is going to happen in the world at the moment with all the imminent war and conflict.

Loving: Velvet Acorn. I cannot get enough of her patterns at the moment.

Hoping: For miracles.

Needing: More inspiration to keep on going with my current book.

Smelling: New Perfume from my beau.

Wearing: My maternity clothes waiting desperately to throw them away!

Following: The free woman.

Noticing: That there is always an invincible summer in the midst of winter. Sunsets, walks on the beach, they are all a choice no matter the weather.

Knowing: That God is faithful.

Thinking: A lot about giving birth and know many women have done it before me, but it still freaks me out.

Feeling: a little scared actually, lots of tragedy around me and trying to stay brave in the face of adversity.

Bookmarking: Pinterest is a lot of fun at the moment.

Opening: Presents from friends who are visiting excited about our little girl.

Giggling: Not much, maybe that needs to change.






(I found this Taking Stock idea first from Em here)

Somedays all it takes is a little bit of time to celebrate the ordinary to feel perspective shift.

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Taking Stock: June


Making: 30 second orange cake with my Mums new Thermomix. I just added chocolate icing to make it Jaffa Cake.

Cooking: Soups like nobody’s business. My favourite last week was a Tomato minestrone

Drinking: Sleepy Time Tea, hoping to get lots of zzzzz’s before miss V comes to town.

Reading: I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou. So inspired!

Wanting: to slow life down and speed it up all at the same time. Slow down how fast Max is growing, speed up the pending arrival of Miss V.

Looking: At all the sales on airfares at the moment and so sad that I am grounded.

Playing: Tetris in our tiny shack trying to fit in everything we need for the new baby.

Wasting: water; showers are a 8 month pregnant Mummy’s poison.

Sewing: My nephews School Jacket, after a particularly rough game of football.

Wishing: My sister an amazing trip around the world that she is just about to embark upon.

Enjoying: Chocolate, a little too much. Fundraising chocolates are a pregnant Mumma’s worst nightmare.

Waiting: To hear back from a magazine that I have been asked to write for.

Liking: The winter sun coupled with the beach. (this time of the year is actually the best where I live.)

Wondering: Why God made monkeys with bright blue bottoms.

Loving: The network I started with two great friends Kinwomen, it is so exciting to see little things unfold.

Hoping: That the SPARC conference goes amazing this year, I can’t believe I’m missing out!

Needing: One more letter for my Yestember ‘Dear single self’ series. I have 29! yes.

Smelling: Green Thai Curry that is in my slow cooker as I write.

Wearing: A hoodie from Sevenly.

Following: The This Matters Project; a film competition in my city, which I think is brilliant.

Noticing: The larger the internet grows, the more narcissism is rife.

Knowing: That I was changed by the movie ‘The Fault with our stars’ and now how do I live it…

Thinking: About the new series and the 6 contributors who will be writing each week in the month of August for this website.

Feeling: So grateful for all the little events I have been a part of over the last couple of months and the new people I have met.

Bookmarking: Not much at the moment, I have been really focussed on keeping this little site pumping.

Opening: Cadbury’s Marvellous creations.

Giggling: This video has had me cracking up over and over. When you are dying your hair, get it on!

(I found this Taking Stock idea first from Em here)

Somedays all it takes is a little bit of time to celebrate the ordinary to feel perspective shift.




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taking stock: May


thailand 2

Making: Beanie’s like a mad woman, for Create an event that I am speaking at in a couple of weeks.

Cooking: with my slow cooker. Autumn, pregnancy and a toddler is fuelling my current obsession.

Drinking: Coconut Water. I am slightly obsessed with this one: Coconut Essence

Reading: The time keeper. A mothers day present from my God daughter; it is brilliant.

Wanting: to replace my lost LAMY pen. I feel stuck without it.

Looking: through old photos and found the boats above, that I took in a little bay in Hua Hin, south of Bangkok and wanting to go back there.

Playing: with buttons, lace and material for my soon to be born miss v.

Wasting: time

Sewing: lace and love on crocheted goods.

Wishing: I had more time to catch up with my closest friends for coffee and just chat.

Enjoying: that Offspring is back on Tv.

Waiting: for the obvious. 60 something days till miss v comes to town.

Liking: that my herbs are growing ferociously with the autumn rains.

Wondering: why women compare and compete so much and why de-friending on facebook is a thing?

Loving: My husband and how hard he works for our family.

my beloved

Hoping: for friends to have babies and sisters to find love.

Marvelling: at the massive growth spurt my Maximus is having at the moment.

Needing: to organise myself more before we have a newborn in the house.

Smelling: Black Coconut Candles by Yankee Candles. Be still my smelling heart…

Wearing: A knitted scarf, white, chunky and homey.

Following: Baby Boy Bakery. I think my heart may just fall apart if I think too much more about her story at the moment. (Instagram explains what has happened @babyboybakery)

Noticing: How important it is to keep conversations open, even when I don’t want to.

Knowing: That God loves me and is desperate to meet with me each and everyday.

Thinking: About my next book and why it is taking so long for me to find the words necessary.

Feeling: a little better, post a crazy flu and a mental hip flare up.

Bookmarking: videos about russian nesting dolls. Im kinda obsessed for a message I’m preparing

Opening: Letters from my new pen pal from Post Mark Society.

Giggling: At my sons new word for Orange. It is ‘Oh- shit.’ Yep. He didn’t learn it from me. I promise.

(I found this idea first from Em here and it was originally from here.)

Taking stock of the little moments that are in your world and suddenly everything will feel a little brighter.


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taking stock april

charl and maxMaking: Little Wooley things ready for the new weather. My favourite is this beanie.

Cooking: Indian Lamb Biryani chasing away the flu and wishing away the 30 degree evenings.

Drinking: Flat Whites again. My coffee love is growing again, 25 weeks pregnant and I can handle a half in the morning.

Reading: The gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown again, as I have started her e-course online.

Wanting: to see less children in detention in Australia.

Looking: Issu an online magazine website.

Playing: with my camera

Wasting: time watching grey’s anatomy.

Sewing: Sleep sacks and little people pants ready for the New Miss Viviers

Wishing: Everyone would slow down on the roads this easter.

Enjoying: Crocheting these infinity scarves for friends for this winter.

Waiting: for snuggles with our new baby that is growing inside me.

Liking: Romans especially 12: 1-4

Wondering: about the Blood red lunar eclipse happening today and all the prophecies that go with it.

Loving: This song at the moment by Labrinth and Emelie Sande. The words, the beauty and the inspiration.

Hoping: For lion heart and great things to come from the mentoring project with young women in leadership I have just started at my local church.

Marvelling: At how many new words my two year old is learning every day.


Needing: to log off and slow down more often.

Smelling:  Big bunches of Fresh Rosemary in vases around my house.

Wearing: Pregnancy Jeans and hoping the weather gets a little cooler.

Following: Kinwomen

Noticing: How many mums struggle with online culture and competition between one another.

Knowing: That God is faithful, despite all the tragedy lately.

Thinking: about being single and over 30. Searching for thoughts and wisdom for my next book.

Feeling: a little flu-ey and sick.

Bookmarking: Free people blog

Opening: emails and letters from the dear single self project. (Looking for 6 more people to be involved.)

Giggling: watching the new girl.

(I found this idea first from Em here and it was originally from here.)

Taking stock is such a great way to remind yourself of the beauty in the small and large parts of your life at the moment.

Are you feeling a little uninspired?

Maybe you need to write a list and take stock.


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logging off

IMG_8668Over the weekend and this last week I have been quite sick with the flu. I spent time away with some of my dearest friends just one night and it was medicine like no other.

We went to the most stunning house in South West of Australia, spent time eating lovely food and enjoying one another’s company.

Saturday morning was my favourite. Sea, salt, best friends and non stop conversation.


Even though I had the flu, I just relaxed and turned my phone and internet off on purpose.

Therefore no posts from me.

Sometimes we just need to log off and enjoy the ones we are with.


When was the last time you logged off?

This Easter, I want to set a challenge, when we are a little bored, when we have more time than usual, when we sit in church services, when we hang out with friends and family, leave your phone behind.

Log off.

When we take time to create space, dreams and beauty arise.

I promise.

Speak tomorrow