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logging off

IMG_8668Over the weekend and this last week I have been quite sick with the flu. I spent time away with some of my dearest friends just one night and it was medicine like no other.

We went to the most stunning house in South West of Australia, spent time eating lovely food and enjoying one another’s company.

Saturday morning was my favourite. Sea, salt, best friends and non stop conversation.


Even though I had the flu, I just relaxed and turned my phone and internet off on purpose.

Therefore no posts from me.

Sometimes we just need to log off and enjoy the ones we are with.


When was the last time you logged off?

This Easter, I want to set a challenge, when we are a little bored, when we have more time than usual, when we sit in church services, when we hang out with friends and family, leave your phone behind.

Log off.

When we take time to create space, dreams and beauty arise.

I promise.

Speak tomorrow




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