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the velveteen rabbit



My son Maximus has a little ruggie, that he loves to pieces. I never really understood the power of a ruggie, until I had a child.

Yesterday was a sad day for many of my friends, a father of two young children lost his life tragically and it is at times like this, that I linger a little longer in the morning with my son as he drags his ruggie from his room into ours.

Life is way to short for shallow conversations.

Life is way to fleeting to live inauthentic lives, trying to please people you never will.

The people who will love you no matter what are the ones who see you with your ruggie and they don’t mind.

A day of reflection here for my family, I ate my eggs on toast a little slower this morning, I intentionally left my phone at home and walked the beach with my husband and son. I sat back in my rocking chair and I watched them playing cars and planes together.

I let the washing slide, I left the toast on the bench and allowed it to go cold, I visited my mum for no reason but to walk in the house I grew up in.

I savoured those who I can be real with.

I love this story from the velveteen rabbit, it describes everything I am feeling with much more eloquence.

the velveteen rabbitBe real.

Leave anything fake behind.

Shed that which is not bringing beauty to your world.

Honest, real, hair has been loved off genuine relationship.

Life is way to short for anything else.


4 thoughts on “the velveteen rabbit

  1. I love this book. It has many lessons for us. I’m sorry you lost a friend. Real love is messy and risky, but it’s better than fake affection. Love your heart. xxx

  2. We are having similar sadness amongst our friends and family. I can only send hugs and agree. Keep it real. Keep it simple and let all around you know they are loved!

    1. thanks so much Tam, All my love to you and yours.

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