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A thunderous heart


I have a thunderous heart and I’m unapologetic about it. I choose to feel, to love deeply and to express passionately. I will not sit on the sidelines and commentate about others, I will dive in and learn as I swim, I will encourage extravagantly and think radically. I refuse to be the same person today as I was yesterday. I will say sorry quickly and do everything in my capacity to let go completely. I get this wrong often, but I am willing to admit that today is a new day and I want to be present in it. Life is fleeting and I aim to grasp every possible piece of it and revel.

Yes I do indeed own a thunderous heart.

1 thought on “A thunderous heart

  1. I understand now 🙂
    You are major in my walkings and thinkings and I am forever grateful for 2014

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