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Cheese and Bacon Shapes


I just walked in on my two year old Maximus feeding my three month old Liberty a cheese and bacon shape biscuit. I had left them for less than a minute whilst I went into the bathroom.




I’ve been planning for a few months now what her first taste of food would be; thinking about blending up some natural goodness, Avocado maybe or some apple stewed lovingly by a perfect mother.

Lovely thoughts.

Great Expectations.

Epic Bacon and Cheese Biscuit fail.

Honestly one minute I am completely loving having two children in my little abode and the next minute I want to run to a little island in the pacific and become a nomad.

Life never works out the way we predict it will.

No matter the imperfection, I am finding so much beauty in the ashes.

The ashes left after burning my pursuit of impressing you and finding reality enchanting.

Sometimes newborns taste bacon additives as their first meal and it is okay.

Life often unravels at the seams, we walk in and find our toilet training two year old shaking a poo out of his orange shorts and you just have to laugh.

Life is far from perfect and I actually love it.

Here’s a toast of green tea to writing in this little corner of the internet more often.


2 thoughts on “Cheese and Bacon Shapes

  1. Balin pulled video tapes apart any time there was a 20sec window where I wasn’t looking.
    Hezekiah would disappear & I would find him in the loungeroom behind the curtain painting the window with poop!
    Life is everchanging, full of beauty & when the dust clears on the tough days, incredible memories are planted for ever.
    So good – thank you for sharing

  2. Love you Fluer, am desperate to get back into our walks. Next Week!

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