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Simple things



I am still feeling a little raw from my post last Sunday and am wondering if you all still love me…



Raw is good, but so hard to do.

This morning I sat down to write eight scripts for Radio and first I thought, I need to write how grateful I am for the simple things.

It was so easy for me to want to rush into the tasks of my morning, Baby asleep, coffee poured, water ready, set go.

I took time though to be thankful.

It wasn’t easy to do.

I just wanted to get my tasks done and tick that list off, to feel a little less pressured.

But I didn’t.

I waited.

I reflected.

I thanked.

For the simple things.

For my husband working hard at the moment so we can have a little holiday away overseas.

For my sleeping baby and the years I waited for her to come.

For my family who took in my nearly three year old for a sleep over and to give me some space.

For the promise of a holiday so very soon.

For fresh water.

For time.

For opportunities.

For the simple things.

Gratitude changes our days.

Today it changed mine.





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  1. Grateful for you and your beautiful, vulnerable sharing. See you next Wednesday. xxx

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