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Creative Mentoring


Over the last five weeks I have sat with fifteen different people and spent the day facilitating a creative retreat.

A very simple idea with profound opportunities.

What is a creative retreat?

A creative retreat is an opportunity to escape your everyday normal and to take time to reflect, rest and recover. We started the day with breakfast or coffee at a cafe on the beach, then the attendee’s went for a walk to explore. After that they took time in a park, the beach or at another cafe to explore some pre-set questions. I gave each person a journal and an opportunity to debrief the spaces in their lives that they feel most disappointed or challenged by. We then did a second session together to set small achievable goals and empowered towards change, accountability and great easy steps forward.

These days have been so inspiring for me personally and I am open for applications if you would like to do a guided retreat down in my beach side location any time this year. Email me: for more information.

Why take time to reflect?

I have found that creative people often struggle with finding perspective and insight because they are often the busiest people in the room. It is these kind of people I had in mind for these days of reflection, conversation and goal setting.

We all need a time and place to seek fresh inspiration and mentoring is a very different and unique way to find perspective. It is very different to coaching and counselling. Mentoring has a personal approach to help find and maintain accountability in areas of professional and personal goals that are agreed upon between two parties.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person
(the mentor) assists another (the mentoree) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will
enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

I have been booking in session times with people for this coming year for ongoing accountability and fresh insight. For the month of March I am putting up a limited amount of one on one sessions to purchase.

If you have been looking for something like this book your session today here:


Listening to peoples hopes, dreams and struggles for the year coming has been the most inspiring way to start my year.

Thank you everyone who participated for your vulnerability, honesty and hope for a greater tomorrow.




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