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seeking rest


I am struggling to come back to reality after two and a bit weeks away in a rural part of Indonesia, on the island of Bali. I keep finding myself speaking slower and breathing deeper, wanting to hold onto any part of the rest I discovered in its rice fields.

I had all these plans, of writing. Believing I would get so much done because I had extra help with my baby and toddler. However I wrote not one single word. Not even a little smile for my journal, nothing in my notes on my iPad, nothing.

I had nothing to give. My body, my mind and my soul needed rest.

A pit stop.

Sometimes you don’t have anything to give and you need to breathe deep to recover inspiration again.

I found rest.

Simple days of reading, days where I lay chatting with my Mum by the pool, nights watching surfers ride the most perfect waves with my husband.


We found a different rhythm as a family and we spoke over long breakfasts and lazy swims in the pool about what was happening in our worlds and how we needed time to just reflect.



Conversation interspersed with much silence.

I read three books, which for a novice Mum who is a word fiend, that is the greatest gift to start my year. Time to deeply consider what was important in my days and what had just become foreground because of noise or worry.

or both.

Are you seeking rest?

It is easy to say, well you have been on holidays and that is nice for you,but we all have the potential to find rest.

Whether it be finding a babysitter, swapping time with another friend, asking one of your inlaws to join you on holidays to help with the family, booking into a hotel for 24 hours alone. The potential is available to every one of us.

The question is whether you are prepared to make rest just as much as a priority as activity is in your days.

Whether we plan to make it happen. I left my phone on my desk in my office, I left my laptop firmly on the floor of my bedroom and I walked towards time awaiting my whole focus.

Saying no, to that which stresses and overwhelms us, even if it is just shutting down our inner dialogue and breathing deeply.

Finding rest can be an active stance. It could be committing to walking with a friend every week and stretching our bodies so that they can relax and find a new level of comfort.

It could be letting go of the past and allowing someone else to carry that burden for today.




That is why I am struggling to come back to reality, I liked the rhythm I found there. Wait, I can bring it into my everyday. Today.

A little slower,

More attention focused on the ones I love

and less worry about what people online think of me.






Through the month of March I am joining Em and writing with these prompts from Life Captured inc

2 thoughts on “seeking rest

  1. I felt the same way after being in Cocos Islands. You will be set up for the year after this rest.

    1. Yes, I feel so different.

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