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how do I relax?



Most mornings whilst we were away my husband and I did some form of stretching or a yoga class. We’re not hugely into the spiritual side of yoga, but the increased flexibility and teaching of mindfulness is beautiful. It has really helped me find a simple way to get back into exercise after having a baby six months ago.

One morning we ran out of our room so we could grab a coffee on our way to class and then we settled into a session with the most patient and kindest teacher we have each ever encountered.

To be truthful she was very plain.

Plain in a good way.





She wasn’t asking for attention or demanding our presence. She was soft, graceful and forgiving.

As we started the class, I looked out at the view above to see a mix of my current favour hues of colour.

A little bit of aqua, a lot of white and a smattering of grey. The smokey mist of an ocean that is wild, with green, blue, grey, black and white competing for my attention.

I took a deep breath and remembered simple things like colour that made me relax and get ready to find my strength again. Two pregnancies in three years have really taken their toll on my body and I am really determined to find ways to rediscover my strength again.

We moved into the routines and in the middle of a pose, she said something that I had never even considered before.The most perfect analogy for where I am at in my creative place and novice motherhood. She said this ‘Breathing is like a massage for your insides.’

Simple thought, profound results in my days since. I am the sort of person that hungers for a massage.

‘Charl, please rub my feet.’ I would say most evenings, even ‘Max, come here I will show you how to massage Mummy’s shoulders.’

My body holds stresses in specific places, but even more interesting is the power of breathing to help with stress and creative output.

As I want to react to a stressful situation, a simple breath is truly like a massage for my body on the inside. It is a quiet opportunity, to reconnect with peace and be slow in my reaction to stressful situations.

A deep breath.

A long breath.

It is a gift that we give to ourselves.

The art of relaxation can be founded on this simple statement from my yoga instructor. ‘Breathing is like a massage for your insides.’

A silly little thought in someways, but extremely liberating in the art of letting go and allowing peace to reign.

Are you struggling to relax?

Do you find anxiety is replacing peace in your days?

Why don’t you start with the basics, with me and take a deep breath and remember the simple things that you are grateful for.

Till we meet again tomorrow,





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2 thoughts on “how do I relax?

  1. I love yoga too. It’s a great lesson in control, breathing and being in the moment. It’s also great for flexibility. I find I can pray and be still during Savasana better each time I do it. I’m glad you had that experience!

    1. Thanks so much Elaine it was so good doing it with Charl too. Profound actually starting our days this way. Now to keep it up in the midst of our daily.

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