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The secret that has changed everything

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A group of friends and I have a little secret. We have been working on it late at night, sending group texts scheming and planning. I can honestly say this little secret has seriously changed my creative mojo lately. It has me inspired.

It is a simple little something.

It is a creative muse we have started.

Honestly though it has me spellbound.

Everywhere I walk lately I am thinking about it.

I talk about it all the time with my little creative gang.

One could say I’m obsessed.

I have been taking my camera with me everywhere I go and whenever I see anything remotely interesting you can see me clicking away.

I have left my phone home more.

I have been dreaming up little photo shoots in my mind.

I am inspired.

This little secret, is the simplest little idea.

Four of us take photos in our local area of secrets, cafes, sunsets, inspiration moments, people, stories and we post them.

It is that simple but what it has done is completely changed my perspective of everything locally in my area.

I find myself thinking about all the brilliance in my little seaside town rather than the bad.

I keep finding new and interesting things that we could profile.

I feel like we are positively communicating worth to our local people in the midst of the storm and tide of so much negativity.

The simplest little secret that is making such a massive difference.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

What is something simple you can do in your everyday to live inspired?





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