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How to stop scrolling endlessly through social media


Do you spend hours mindlessly scrolling through social media?

Do you come out of spending time online feeling flat and uninspired?

I know how you feel.

It is so easy to do. A quick look here, a quick scroll there and then suddenly an hour has past and you are unsure what happened.

How many times a day do you check in on facebook?

How many times do you refresh a photo after it has been posted?

This whole social phenomenon has the capacity to help us check in with overseas friends, stay globally informed and inspired. Then the next minute furious, overwhelmed, confused and completely alone.

These are some of my coping strategies, to find inspiration in this online world and to withdraw again.

1) Make, make, make. The less I scroll, the less I stalk the more I feel satisfied and in control. Every time I start a new creative project like making the jacket out of a blanket like I did yesterday, I feel so inspired. Every time I spend the day randomly stalking other peoples lives I feel drained.

2) Unfollow people that cause you to stumble. Seriously just unfollow them. I don’t mean you should unfriend your aunty or someone close, I mean unfollow their updates from your feed. Be ruthless. Some seasons you like someones posts and another season they make you mad. Just click unfollow. Its okay. Lately I’ve been smiling when I have been unfollowed it kinda makes me laugh. It’s all good. You are still loved. The number of people engaging in your stuff does not equal its worth. (remember lots of people who have heaps of followers have probably paid for some of them at some point)

3) Play music, light a candle and write. Don’t think about what you are writing, just process. Let stuff go, think deeply, think creatively, think of good things. Write, write, write. Meditate. Think. Pray. It will give you so much more than a random stalk through some strangers life.

4) Learn something new. Look up something you have always wanted to learn and youtube it.

5) Read a novel. A beautiful, descriptive, piece of fiction. Get lost in someone else’s world, that is not a random status update on a blinking screen.

6) Go sit in nature.

7) Turn flight mode on.

8) Have a certain time of the day, everyday that is internet free. Before 10 am say. After 7pm. You find your weakest times and then shut the phone, iPad, computer down.

9) Call a friend and book a coffee.

10) Start commenting on blogs rather than social media. There is much more of an open environment for thoughtful discussion in the blog culture rather than face book per say. People troll through face book looking for attention and seeking to fight with people, rather than have mature discussions. Better still have a cup of tea and talk about what has been bothering or intriguing you with someone face to face. Pick up the phone and call rather than text.

One of the greatest ways I am learning to control this online world, rather than allowing it to control me is to MAKE.

Makers gonna make.

Whether it be banana bread, a blanket jacket, knitting, talking, hanging out or calling a dear friend I am making every effort to put down the phone and engage in my wonderful now.

I am of late feeling like something needs to change.

We can’t keep all going this way.

The threats, the fights, the miscommunication, the comparison, the jealousy, the gossip, the stalking, the mindless scrolling…

It is affecting us.

Every one of us.

Time to take back control.

Life is for living not screening.





5 thoughts on “How to stop scrolling endlessly through social media

  1. Well said! Beautiful blog too. I really like the design along with the content.

    1. Thankyou, your website is beautiful too. Have a great day.

  2. Amazing post Amanda – very well said! I am so guilty of this, especially when at home alone with my baby. Scroll, scroll, scroll – so many more productive things that I could be doing! I agree that “make” is the key to breaking the scroll cycle. I have been doing lots of cooking the past few days and have also started knitting a blanket, and the rewards from that creativity are far above the “not good enough” feelings I have after an hour on social media. Thanks for a great post x

    1. Thanks yaz, I have found this to be really hard part of having new babies. It’s just so easy to try and zone out. Knitting blanket!!! Yay. I’m just finishing a cardigan. Far from perfect but much better use of my time than looking at strangers on the internet.

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