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Be the hero not the victim


Lately I am becoming more aware in my life when I am playing the victim card.

Today marks the beginning of June and once again I am marking a month to bring change into my days. From the first till the 31st of this month I am intentionally choosing to eat whole foods rather than filling my life with fuel that is full of preservatives, that have been over produced and manufactured.

I am eating whole, rich, natural foods;

Meat, vegetables, nuts, water, fruit for the month and eliminating dairy, carbohydrates and anything that is processed.

By no means have I walked into today thinking it is going to be easy. I am also attempting to run the city to surf again, which is in twelve weeks time.

Big goals for me personally that require focus and effort.

This morning I woke and had a glass of water with lemon before I substituted my flat white with a long black. I ate my eggs and bacon minus the toast and then went for a six kilometre walk.

All of this may sound terribly boring to you, but for me this is my greatest weakness. Every time I realign how I eat and exercise I fail.

Today as I started to walk, old tapes began to play in my head. Tapes that told me I would fail.

‘Why am I trying to do something again?’

‘This is stupid.’

‘Why bother.’

‘This is just your lot in life.’

‘You are no good at excercise.’

They bombarded me every step of the first twenty minutes of my walk.

Then they quietened and optimism started to take their place.

‘You have done this before and yes it is difficult but it is so worth it.’

Then a very quiet but certain voice said this…

‘Stop playing the victim and start playing the hero.’

I felt quite shocked at this statement but it got me thinking, how many times do I play the victim and blame everyone else for the present problems in my life?

No matter what area of change we are desperate to initiate, when we access the challenge from a place of being a victim rather than a hero in our own story we fail before we even begin.

So June 1, hello.

30 days of eating wholesome, nutritious food.

No fads, just a period of time to mark and set a goal to bring health and wellness into my everyday.

Starting to run again post pregnancy even if I only run for a few minutes at a time.

I am determined once again to play the hero in my own life not the victim.

I am not going to blame others for this area of weakness in my life, I am going to bring my best and try.

Thirty days really isn’t that long.

What area do you want change in?

Wanna be a superhero with me and no longer the victim?





2 thoughts on “Be the hero not the victim

  1. I’ve got my cape. Let’s go!!! My goal is to wear my wedding, engagement and eternity ring by our wedding anniversary (end of September) now that I know your goals I will be your cheerleader and sidekick ??). Who else will join us?

    1. Here we go my hero friend. Had such a good day.

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