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Diary of a coke zero addict


One week, one day and a few hours since having my last drop of Coke Zero…

The funny thing is even when I have dieted before I have thought that Pepsi Max, Diet Coke and Coke Zero were my friends.

You know a quick fake sugar fix.

A refreshing zing of caffeine.

I got to the point where I was a diet soft drink addict, who desperately needed a fix at 3pm each day.

This last week of eating whole foods has been shadowed with the pain of withdrawing from something that has been a big part of my daily life.

Your crutch may not be soft drinks but we all have something that undoes us in the midst of meltdown.

On this side of ‘one week aspartame free’ I am realising it is so much more about discipline than anything more.

When I tell my body no, even though everything in me wants to say yes, it makes me so aware that yes I can do hard things.

Even though all week I have longed for a flat white, I have chosen long black.

When I went to a premiere of a movie and everyone was eating icey ice and popcorn, I chose a small bag of nuts.

It’s not actually about what we do, its about what we personally need to discipline in our lives and see change come slowly.

I have been thinking this week, as energy has come flooding back into my days and my jeans have been getting looser.

You, Amanda, can do hard things.’

There are seasons when I just haven’t been able to get serious about this area of my life but I am choosing to make hard decisions in my everyday to see the benefits across every part of my life.

I have had many weak days this week, but every day I chose to fill my body with healthy, nutritious foods, the less I crave the manufactured and processed foods that I used to fuel myself with.

10 days in,

I am honestly so inspired to actually achieve the goals I set at the beginning of this year.

How about you?

What hard things do you need to face?






6 thoughts on “Diary of a coke zero addict

  1. You are awesome, 10 days in? No coke zero? Super impressed….happy for you.

    1. Thankyou Carolyn hoping to have a whole new level of energy ready for the retreat in October.

  2. Cheering you on! Completely with you. Flesh cries want! JESUS says don’t do it .. I will satisfy your cravings for carbohydrates with my sweet presence!
    Holy Spirit says I will be your comfort instead of comfort foods!
    Daily and moment choices!
    On this journey with you.
    Love you’re vulnerability xx

    1. Thankyou so much Vanessa. I am so weak, but he is strong. I am sure breakthrough in this area for this season is a key that unlocks doors in my next season. Its a crazy feeling I have. Anyways. One step at a time, one sleep deprived mumma morning at a time, but I am so grateful that he is a God of details and sees everything.

  3. So good. You are BRAVE!

    1. Elaine so are you. I am super excited about hanging for your Mr’ s Special day in July. See you on the other side of Tuscany. OH MY GOSH….

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