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Learning to handle your emotions from the inside out

    Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotions?

Sitting in a dark theatre this morning, at the Disney Pixar Perth Premiere of the movie ‘Inside Out’ I had a little ‘aha’ moment.

‘It truly is okay to feel and the connection between our processing of emotions and our childhood is so strong.’

The basic premise of the movie is to help children understand themselves from the inside out. Key characters of ‘Joy’, ‘Anger’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Disgust’ and ‘Fear’ kept me laughing, crying and sighing the whole movie through. (I am sure this movie must have been written by child psychologists because it was pure gold.)

As a huge advocate of imagination, my favourite character by far was Riley Andersons imaginary friend ‘Bing Bong.’ The ride through imagination land and the train of thought was a beautiful picture of the inner workings of our creative minds.

This movie is up there in my top five kids films, mainly because of its capacity to explain the complexity of our emotions and to teach our children it is okay to feel.

It is okay to feel sad,

It is okay to feel angry,

It is okay to feel joyful,

The life hack though is to find ways to transition between these emotions and create memories that facilitate them all.

Are you afraid of emotion?

Have you shut down beautiful, childlike responses because you fear others?

This film may just unlock something deeply moving in you, the capacity to make friends with the little people inside our minds. The perfect combination of movie for parents and kids together. My Maximus said it perfectly at the end of the film to his two little dates ‘Don’t worry if you feel sad, I feel sad sometimes too.’

And he is three. (Out of the mouth of babes.)

I am sure this one is going to play on repeat when it comes out on DVD.

Out in cinemas June 18.

Absolutely satisfied,


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