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morality. that is the question.

story keeper

I believe there are two types of people in the world and I have found the two definitions of the word “moral” can quite succinctly define them.

  1. Standards of behaviour, principles of right or wrong.
  2. A lesson that can be derived from every story or experience.

We have the rule keepers and those who look for the why of the rule; the story seekers.

The rule keeper, guardian, and officer for the wellbeing of the world.

The beckoning cloud of shame becomes a favourite tactic of the rule keeper. When they raise their eyebrows and tut their tongue they reinforce the absoluteness of the morality they have been endorsed to preach. The rule keeper, guardian, and officer for the wellbeing of the world, can often be found poised at the end of their keyboard awaiting an online misdemeanour, where their warrior keyboard ways, must inflict their judgement and infringement notice. The problem with the rule keeper, guardian, and officer for the wellbeing of the world is when the black and white judgements they have so fiercely preached, hit a little close to home when someone close by, breaks their heavily controlled borders. When our friend the rule keeper is brought into the place of chaos and change, their hearts and lives become entwined in the reality of their moment and the distinct lines they have drawn.

Then we have the story seeker.

The story seeker, walks carefully upon the earth, knowing the fragileness of its inhabitants and surroundings. They may have been once the rule keeper, but they realised that mess and tragedy befall us all and often there are no rules or boundaries that can fix the state of their today. The story seeker looks for the proverb that is hidden under the soil of a tree, they seek the wisdom found in the folds of their elderly neighbour’s cheeks. They seek the lines of the tracks of those gone before and seek out the direction they have travelled rather than the boundaries of the steps. The story keeper walks softly with compassion and is ever able to step into another’s shoes. They seek the insight of another’s point of view and take the time to unpack the complexity of every human’s plight. They know that lessons are available in every single life and not one life is ever a lost case. That we are all a part of the writhing mess of humanity, seeking purpose and direction.

Morality is a word that is often wielded as a mark of maturity or significance.

I, myself am drawn to the story seeker.

I believe that every single life is full of love and lesson.

I believe that every human has the right to choose their path without being beaten into conformity.

I believe in beauty in the ocean, a poem that speaks in a sunset and the cradle of a mother’s arms that invites humanity to a dance of trust.

I believe in you.

Your ideas.

Your strength.

Your purpose.

Your delight.

I choose number two.

Drawing grace from the chaos.

Speak again soon,


2 thoughts on “morality. that is the question.

  1. Such an interesting distinction, Amanda. The immediate application that comes to mind for me is in parenting my girls. Do I set rules for them to adhere to, or do I look for the story behind their behaviour? You’ve given me quite a bit to think on. Xx

    1. My husband talked to me about this post and his work with Juveniles in prison. That was a very, very interesting conversation as well. I think there are times when we need to learn from both. But if I was asked to choose (which I am not sure we actually are), if I was to take a side it would be the story collector every single time.

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