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day ten: Write a message on a mirror

image110. Write a message on a mirror

One of the greatest ways that I engage in my now, is writing scriptures or quotes in places that I can see them every day.

I have written them on post-it notes and put them on the dashboard of my car. I have a blackboard in my home and I write large messages to myself on it. I have written scriptures on mirrors in my home.

What I am asking you to do is write a message to yourself, somewhere that is very visual. to remind yourself to remain in the moment this month.

Remind yourself that you are Brave, Strong, Courageous, Kind, Beautiful, Worthy of Love.

Whatever words you need to encourage you now, write them in big fat letters and remind yourself that you are loved.

Remind yourself that you are worthy of respect.

Remind yourself of your purpose.

Go do it now.

Go on.

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