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Day 9: Hang out with someone over eighty


9. Have a coffee with a pensioner.

I believe some of the saddest corridors in our communities are the retirement homes in our local area. Lounge rooms where volumes of stories and seasons of wisdom remain untold as senior citizens sit waiting to have tea with someone, anyone…

Do you know someone in their eighties or nineties?

How long has it been since you sat with them and asked questions about marriage, relationships and growing up?

One of my favourite dating books is by Elisabeth Elliot, ‘Passion and Purity’.

She wrote this book in 1984, based on letters she had written to her husband forty years earlier in the 1940’s. Years and years of maturity and lessons learnt, holding her in good stead for the advice she was to write. Notice how I am not writing a book about marriage? I have only been married for four short years, but singleness, I was single for about thirty of them and still, I have much to learn.

My challenge is to find someone older than eighty and join them in a simple cup of tea while they talk.

Let them tell you some stories while you listen.

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