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Shape my life

Let your love shape my life… Psalm 119

“Let your love shape my life.”

Psalm 119: 48-56

In the midst of the brand new season I find myself in, I have been sorting out cupboards diligently across our family home. It is an important way that I have learnt to release the old and step into the new. The way we transition changes our capacity for the new. This week I started a new role and I am stepping back from social media for a season to surrender my attention to my new team.

Amid all this change, I found myself sorting out my underwear drawer (please don’t write me letters).

I personally have a favourite style of underwear, don’t be shy, I am sure you do too. My husband does also (although he would be mortified at my choice of topic on my blog this week). It made me smile to think of the style I bought pre-parenthood and post little people taking over my whole, entire world. I look for my favourite pair as I sort through my drawer full of such things. And the day always begins in a very bad way if those preferential bottom covering friends are all hanging on the washing line out to dry.

I am looking for support.

I am looking for staying-in-placeability.

I am looking for flexibility.

I am looking for stability.

These deep breaths of comfort tell me everything will be okay. If I choose one of the left-behinds, I regret that quick choice for most of the day. The more organised amongst us would throw away all the ones that have not made the favourite cut. Maybe that could be this evenings job.

As I read Psalm 119 this week I interweaved these two random thoughts together. As blasphemous as this sounds, I have come to know and experience the older that I get, that God’s comforting voice is like my favourite pair of undies.

Recently I was standing in the kitchen with my son, talking to him about his “psychic powers” (smile). As he pokemoned me with his language and passion, I simply reframed his thinking and said to him “Babes, your powers are prophetic, not psychic” his head tipped with intrigue.

I said to him “You see I have found in my life that God speaks to me, it is a simple, soft voice but this is the way that I hear his direction and knowledge for the steps in the future” he smiled deeply and said something profound that I have not been able to shake…

Max said “Mum, I know what you are talking about now. I hear a voice in my mind. The voice is soft and kind” then with tears in his eyes he said, “Mum the voice sounds just like yours…”

“Let your love, shape my life”

Psalm 119

There is a shaping happening in all of our lives, whether we acknowledge the influence or not we are being supported, comforted and shaped by those in which we spend most of our time.

Shape holders,

Shape warmers,

Shape makers.

Moments of intimate knowledge. In my life, I have found God to be my greatest comfort in my difficult times of need. I have sometimes found that we make renewal sound so much fancier and spirituality is explained in ethereal and fancy ways.

And the thought of describing God’s love and comfort like a pair of our favourite pair of old underwear can seem a little irreverent but I find God to be gritty, reliable, constant and actually so very basic.

His love is basic and nurturing, reassuring me to take that next step of courage.

What everyday thing reminds you of God’s love?

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4 thoughts on “Shape my life

  1. This was time well spent as a wait for my chicken salad in Nandos. I love that, to Max, God sounds like his mum. God certainly is like the mother who gathers her children to her. Lots of beautiful imagery of the feminine God in scripture. I see your 4 wing in the way you see metaphors in life, the way God shows up for you and let’s you know s/he is there.

    I was thinking about you early this morning- about the next phase of life, and the phrase “story gathering season” came to mind. I feel like you’re going to have rich season of story gathering. Keep a note book with you. Keep little records of the stories you experience and encounter. There’s a new book after this.

    1. Love this chicken waiting thought. Thanks for the encouragement. XXOO

  2. Great read, Amanda. Love the way you’ve compared underwear to God’s voice.

    ‘and experience the older that I get, that God’s comforting voice is like my favourite pair’

    So good!

    I can relate – a good pair of undies give you the confidence and comfort to get through the day- just likes God’s presence.

    Love it!

    1. Thankyou Elaine ?

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