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divert my eyes

“Give me a bent for your words of wisdom, and not piling up loot”

Psalm 119: 34

It has taken me hours to sit and write today. Something so small, simple and routine that empowers every art of procrastination possible. I know if I sit and write, then I will process and focus, but to actually surrender to the process is so hard.

The honest process of showing up to a blank page is a wrestle of my will. Every time I pick up my pen something distracts me. A phone call, the oven I turned on and forgot about…the list continues on.

I’ve tried to procrastinate my way out of this but the result is futile.

How distracted are you lately?

Psalm 119 draws us into a rhythm of resilience. A way that we surrender to those disciplines that build strength and fortitude, even through the toughest seasons. I have been coming back to this same Psalm, every day over the last few months, to help find a rhythm in a season of in-between.

Seeking out a word of wisdom helps us to find the inspiration we are looking for to begin again. The surrender of our will towards that which brings growth and an honest word brings the satisfaction we are looking for. Why is it so hard though?

We live in an era of distraction. Lately, I have had a reoccurring thought keep coming back to me.

"Work in silence, let success be your noise"

We live in a society and culture that tells us to speak loudly, to chant our proclamations across the airwaves and to shout louder and louder. This pursuit of social platforms is distracting us from the true work of growth and discovery. A piling of notifications, telling us that we are making a difference. But what if all the hours, all the time we have given to social media and building our audiences, is distracting us from the deep work that is calling us within?

Throughout this season of transition, how distracted have you been?

I love this verse when it cuts straight to the chase…

“Give me a bent for your words of wisdom and not piling up loot. Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets.”

Psalm 119: 34-35

Those shiny things, the internet rabbit holes, the promises that if we just buy one more thing, that feeling of distraction and disappointment would be filled with satisfaction. Online shopping, another pen, one more outfit, maybe a new notebook…

“Yes, that is the answer!”

However, I am learning that things, will never replace the work required to show up to a blank page and do the work of transformation. This is where true satisfaction comes. This is where I face my dark spots and I remember the promises I made to both my future and self, to overcome those places of distraction, to grow again.

Wisdom is not found in a catalogue online, it is developed across seasons of listening deeply and facing those truths that we would rather forget.

Wisdom is carved in our heart as we return to quiet places of prayer.

Wisdom is dug from the crevices of telling the truth and owning our responses.

Wisdom is uncovered when we listen deeply, rather than just responding in defence.

A few months ago we would have laughed at this verse in scripture and thought quickly “I would never pile up loot, toys and trinkets to try and satisfy my hungry soul” and then March happened. Toilet paper became scarce, you couldn’t find flour on the shelves and baking powder became a commodity.

Our world became desperate for the things we thought we needed to stay safe and secure. Yet wisdom asks us to remember that toys, trinkets and supplies will only meet some of our needs. It is the deeper words of wisdom, that hold us steady in times of desperation and despair.

Divert my eyes from toys and trinkets. Help me surrender once again to the power of Your word alone.

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2 thoughts on “divert my eyes

  1. This is so good Amanda. Have been distracted myself and I certainly eco your prayer and want to surrender once again to the power of God’s Word alone.

  2. Thanks Anja. Me too.

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