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There is a word that impacts us all, hiding in corridors of shame. It is uttered in the heavenlies, smoothed across airwaves and published online, yet many don’t realise that they are being influenced by its riptide.

It is a spirit that whispers in the late-night hours and trembles as we awaken at the light of the first morning. A chinese whisper of untruths, heralding its authenticity. It is kerned, shifted and moulded by the algorithms of our generation.

It is the zeitgeist (the spirit of the age) that publically declares its reputation in a manner that seeks out approval. The overwhelming narrative of our current era speaks to the fear, that tells us we should shrink away from the terror awaiting.


The defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.


It shouts a new year, a period of reckoning, stay close, don’t move, more challenge is on its way. This fear holds us captive. It speaks untruth as it sits at our dining table. Fear shuns the possibility of the coming generations. It tells us to hoard and look upon another with suspicion. This fear masquerades as our personal control over situations.

However, there is a different secret pathway, that shuns this megaphone blaring. It is one that I personally subscribe to in the quiet of the evening light. This alternate narrative is beyond the zeitgeist of the age. It is one of hope, expectation and it draws us towards wide open spaces. It is our promise of tomorrow. Holding us firm with hope to a not yet narrative.

This narrow road I speak of is one that allows prayer, meditation and faith as our captain. It is reminded of the challenges many have faced, who have gone before us and their overcoming expectation met by a God who moves mountains despite our fear and trembling.

As I read scripture, I see this meta-narrative of hope over and over again. It is not a shouting of condemnation. It doesn’t link to podcasts full of knowledge, platforming statistical authority. It shows another story, one that speaks to the beauty of ordinary moments, and stories that have inspired generations. It annuals moments of confusion and miraculous moments of provision, despite the public outcry. It speaks of care that is shown to one another. It whispers stories from the power of common unity. Asking that we see the best in one another, calling out our potential. Bringing light, love and empathy to the dark corners of fear and trepidation.

This possibility is not a new narrative. It asks us to reflect on a different path forward. Holding hands with hope for the future, allowing wisdom to edge its sword. A wide-awake message of redemption, that promises that each and every need will be met, with manna each morning. Speaking life into those places we have allowed death to hallow.

This ancient pathway of the belief that there is another way, a possibility asks us to believe in the provision of the supernatural, tiny little miracles in our every day. This is when we believe in a mighty and powerful provider, One who cannot ignore our pleas for help and intervention. One who loves our contemplation and understands the difficulties we face.

It is possible to swim against the tide of the narrative, that humanly seeks out the surety of our unmet needs for tomorrow. It is possible to seek out a golden thread of presence for those moments of anxious waves of emotion. It is possible to slow to a different heart rate amid the flurry seeking firm foundations. This possibility is found when we allow our trust to be found in uncommon places. Seeking out the beauty in the midst of messy conversations. Listening to the pain of those who want to know we will all be okay.

I read ancient poetry with this lens of possibility, breathing in the comfort my heart so desires.

  • Do not fear- I am your shield and very great reward. (Genesis 15:1)
  • Do not fear- I am with you. (Genesis 26:24)
  • Do not fear- You will have another son. (Genesis 35:17)
  • Do not fear- I will provide (Genesis 50:21)
  • Do not fear- I will deliver you (Exodus 14:13)
  • Do not fear- for judgement comes from God alone (Deuteronomy 1:17)
  • Do not fear- Do not fear- for God will give you the land. (Deuteronomy 1:21)
  • Do not fear- the Lord will fight for you. (Deuteronomy 3:22)
  • Do not fear- for I will go with you always (Joshua 1:9)

As we face this new period of time together, can I ask one small favour? Before you tell me all the stories you have collected online, heard whispered in corridors and believed from unclaimed sources, can we look into one another’s eyes and speak with the possibility, that together we can face anything if we hold hands with hope towards the future together.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Amen…”by a God who moves mountains…calling out our potential…with manna each morning”. Thank you Amanda for your hearts cry on the possibilities for each of us this year! KIM

    1. Thanks for reading ??

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