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other worldliness

My Mum often comments that Max has a frown sometimes.

Not a frown as such but a quizzical look that he is deeply thinking about something.

I know what he’s doing, because he is part me, part my husband and part divine.

I know what he is doing, because I am often doing the same thing.




An other worldliness comes upon him and he is completely lost in his own or something eternals presence.

Ever since he was a baby, whenever we have gone into a sacred space. Whether a church or a gymnasium that is used regularly to worship in, he would stare off and point to the rafters.

I am sure that he saw angels.

I am sure he saw things, that we as adults in our more mature and logical minds have lost the capacity to see.

Other worldliness.

A space of contemplation.


I think our DVD plasma rich worlds, take up the time and space to imagine, pray, meditate and dream.

Our children need more time to themselves.

Developing a healthy understanding of the possibilities beyond.

Another world.

An eternal one.

With golden places and beautiful deep longings.