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a curator of culture

curate creative culture

Tonight I am speaking at a creative event and I am speaking on what it means to be a curator of culture.

I believe we all have the capacity to change culture.

You can change the culture of your home, you can change the culture of your heart.

You can change culture.

The people that make a difference in their lifetime though, are the ones that impact whole cultures of people.

Art impacts culture, writing impacts culture, music impacts culture, food impacts culture.

To curate is to specifically work towards; to select, organise or look after a collection or exhibition.

What if you curated culture?

What if you began by curating a creative culture in your own life and then you were so okay with your unique, that you impacted culture at large.

Here is a downloadable printable of 30 ways to curate creative change in your everyday

30 ways to curate creative culture printable

Enjoy and pass it on.

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