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Beauty everywhere

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This little plate is a present from one of my dearest friends and all day I have been consumed with it’s beauty. The detail, the fine proportions, it’s clarity and so much more. I went to the shops to do the groceries today and I bought myself a bunch of oriental lilies, their smell, their look in my bathroom and lounge room, one word beauty.

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Beauty is just as important in our daily sustenance as bread. Simple, pure, unadulterated peace.

This quote helps me in days of distress.

Beauty is a balm that heals.

Are you confused?

Are you lonely?

Are you needing solace?

Find something beautiful from nature or that is inspired by nature and I have often found in my own walk, my heart lifts again.

We all need a place of restoration.

We were designed to live in a place of peace.

I often find in my life this peace is encouraged and motivated with places of beauty.

I think our interpretation of beauty has become plasticised. We think beauty is perfection. We believe beauty is produced, manufactured.

I think the most beautiful places of rest, are filled with imperfection and a raw condition.

Find your place of nurture.

You will live inspired if you seek moments like these.



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