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I spent most of yesterday with one of my dearest friends Bonnie.

I came to the end of the hours of endless conversation, beautiful reflection and honest moments, so grateful for the gift of true friends.

The ones you can be completely yourself with.

The ones who understand your heart, your motive and soul and don’t hold tightly to the amount of times we have seen each other but the quality of the moments we have shared.

I have learnt in my last couple of years of novice motherhood that friendships change significantly and that is truly okay.

I have learnt to hold looser my expectations on my friends but then cherish the moments I have with them.

To call and ring and keep in touch when I am able, but to also think good thoughts and pray for them when I can’t.

To simplify my expectations of people and adore the precious times that I get to hang simply with them.

Are you holding on too tight to people?

Do you struggle to maintain friendships over the change of seasons?

Have you found yourself friendless?

Maybe there are some reasons for that.

Maybe you need to simplify your expectations and take time to just be with people when you can.

All of our lives can be complex at times, but really do we need our friendships to be as well?

Life is way too short.

Live light.

Let go of the guilt, the hurt and the manipulation and enjoy people for who they are.

Love extravagantly but hold on lightly.

Live a little simpler in your friendships and you might surprise yourself how many new people you will have around you at the end of this year.


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  1. Thank you for the lovely post! This post is totally about my journey for the past few years. It’s been a hard but interesting journey to learn about myself and others. Living light is definitely much better! 🙂 oxox

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