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less clicking more making

more making 1

This little pair of booties took me less than an hour to do.

When I create something, whether it  be a yummy nutritious dinner, crochet, paint, draw…Anything. If I produce something from scratch I feel an immense sense of satisfaction and purpose.

Unfortunately we live in a culture where we live off the success of others and we spend our days comparing and looking online at other people’s creations.

Often I am inspired when I see your bits and bobs on instagram, but if I spend more time clicking, than I spend making, something inside me starts to go a little loopy.

Our creativity becomes watered down by comparison to others inspiration.

It is hard to live a life inspired, when you are constantly comparing yourself to others.

This blog for example, I don’t read many blogs regularly, its not because I think this blog is better than others, far from it, but when I spend heaps of time online on other peoples musings, I find my own thoughts crowding.

A quick surf, a simple delighting in others thoughts is inspiring but too much and your brain starts to crowd and it affects your own output.

more making 3

Somedays I just need to pull out a normal book and put my phone and Ipad in a far away cupboard pull out my creative pursuits and get lost there.

Do you need to write?

Do you want to create?

Then take time away from online, make yourself a nice drink and begin again something from scratch. The tension and the fulfilment of its creation is one of the most satisfying things.

making 2

The reason why?

I believe we were all created to produce good things.

Yes you.

Goodness lies dormant inside of you awaiting production.

See ya.


12/365 ( I am drawing every day in my visual diary for 2014, you can follow the journey of mine and others by #inspire14 . It’s all about living inspired this year.)

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