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Inspired living

inspired wife

I stood at the fridge today, one that is pretty full thinking,’maybe we should just get take away tonight.’

A regular thought that runs through my pregnant mind of late. Hot ovens on a 44 degree summer day, no one’s got time for that.

The problem is I am trying to eat well this year and am determined to see this pregnancy through well.

I have realised that sometimes I can be inspired in my writing and my creativity, but very uninspired at the same time in my wife/ mum/ house duties.

It is so much easier to sit down and write a blog post, than to take the same time to plan well for my families food and well being.

I want my inspiration in 2014 (#inspire14) to encompass every part of my world: every part of my families life.

It doesn’t mean I will always feel like it, because its sacrificial. It takes effort, it takes time and sometimes even the fact that I got dressed and brushed my teeth is a major achievement in this Mumma’s world.

I decided today that I would add to my 2014 thoughts, to cook through one of my cook books, to keep my meals fresh for team V. The book I have decided to cook through for 2014 is called ‘Falling Cloudberries’ by Tessa Kiros, it has recipes from all over the world. Recipes that are fresh and healthy and diverse.

inspired wife 2

I really do believe an inspired life should equal an inspired wife. Our creativity and inspiration needs to be holistic. We can’t compartmentalise the things we love doing and ignore the other things that should be priorities in our lives.

We are whole humans, not part creatives.

Are you giving too much time to some things and not enough to others?

Don’t let guilt take over, just find something that inspires you in that realm as well.

Follow our journey and #inspire14 as well, if you want some accountability for the things you are endeavouring to change this new year. I have been doing a visual journal every day, I am not a great artist, but it is helping me think differently and find inspiration in new ways.inspired life 4

Inspired living is what I am aiming for.

Capturing life in its fullest.



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  1. I went on a search for inspired living blogs, and the web brought me here. What a lovely post.

    I feel like I’ve made this quiet pact with myself lately, that I’m going to bring more creative magic to every part of my life, including my kitchen and home. I’ll be on the look out for the #inspire14 hashtag.

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