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let it go…

let it go

A little while ago the most delightful children’s cartoon burst onto the silver screens. Touted as a new Christmas classic, I was excited about its arrival. Ever since it has been released, one of its songs has been on the charts and has stayed there. The song is called ‘Let it go.’

Recently I popped to a friends house for a quick cup of tea and her little girl, had her iPad to her ear, was dancing the living room and singing this song gallantly.

There is something about the words of this song, whether it be a little girl and her iPad or a big girl and her iPhone, the words ring true and encourage us to let go of that which holds us back.

Flicking the web a few days ago I found this version of the song and as princessy’ and girly as it is, it really inspired me.


What are you not letting go of?

What is holding you constricted and contained?

Is it a conversation?

Is it a friendship gone bad?

Is it unforgiveness?

When we find ourselves stuck creatively, emotionally, friendship wise…There is often a very real reason.

Sometimes we just need to let it go.

We can’t fix it, we can’t change it, we just need to find a way to let go.

If you are struggling to let something go, I have found in the past if I do something visual it often helps me. For example if it is a person I need to forgive or let go of, that I write their name on a smooth rock, I pray a simple releasing prayer and throw the rock into the sea.

If it is a situation that I just can’t move on from, I write a letter to myself, the person, the organisation and then I burn it, tear it up, flush it down the toilet…I do something that symbolises letting it go.

Confession to a safe friend is also a great way to do this. You can tell them, that you need to let something go and you just need to tell them about it and then together ask forgiveness and let it go.

Somedays we just need to dance naked, shake off the things that hold us down and find a way to move forward.

Let it go.

Till tomorrow



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