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never give up

Never give up

never give up 2

A lot of my inspiration is provoked online these days.

Only a few short years ago, when I wrote my first book Capture 30 days of inspiration there was no pinterest, there was no facebook, there was no instagram.

I think I was much more inspired back then than now.

I would sit in a cafe, not with my smart phone but a journal and a book.

I would walk through urban landscapes and really experience them rather than taking a photo and hash tagging it #now.

I would sit and discuss philosophy, theology and divine experiences with true friends rather than have fake, half discussions with people who I don’t even know where I was born.

Today I am inspired by paper.

That is the whole reason I started #inspire14, my goal was to draw and feel the paper and use a part of my brain that is not often stimulated these mummy, food covered days.

I have not been drawing much lately.

Honestly I became embarrassed because my drawings aren’t really that good.

In a few days however I start an online course and a big part of it is visual journalling, so the glue stick, scissors and sharpies are back out and I am ready to try again.

No matter where your inspiration journey takes you.



All my creative love


2 thoughts on “never give up

  1. Wha?! Keep drawing!! Seriously! You’re amazing x It’s easier to connect with imperfection, or else we all feel like we have to pretend. So the fact that you feel it’s not that great, brings encouragement because you do it anyway. Thanks for being real x (& I think your drawings are great, for the record).

    1. Thanks so much. You are always so encouraging. Thought about living in Perth ever? Ha!

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