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Taking comfort in truth


Tonight is our connect group. We meet together with friends, we have a meal and we have a time where we talk about a topic.

Some people in this group have been in it together with me for close on a decade.

Hanging out with this crew, is funny, deep, crazy, shallow and always beneficial.

The reason why my husband and I prioritize this time on a Friday night, over a date night, over pjs and Icecream and an early night is because it forces us to focus on truth together. In community, in the mess of people’s lives.

It forces us to have normal healthy conversation.

It forces us to lay down our phones and stop Instant messaging, fake conversations and sit in the company of people who care.

We take comfort in focusing on truth.

Our connect group is not intense, it’s actually super casual and this year we are focussing on the topic ‘Freedom’.

We all need freedom.

We all need to find where we are bound.

We all need truth.

It is my priority.

All week I have been getting increasingly annoyed with online communication.

To the point where I have been close to turning it off for a while.

Then I watched this video.



Let’s wage a war against loneliness and the lies that our culture throws at us.

Creatively you need to have proper conversations, you need to make real connection a priority, (even when it has gone pear shaped in the past).

Put down your phone.

Make an effort and go and hang with people you love.

Take comfort in truth.

Find truth in the company of deep spirited friendships.

Speak tomorrow.


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