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Eggs, eggs, eggs…

fresh eggs

If you asked me what cravings I have with this pregnancy I would say to you Eggs on Toast.

Bright Yellow

Sunny side up

Eggy goodness.

There is something about a little more effort in the morning with my family that is making my heart smile lately.

My mum has a chicken coup and so we get fresh eggs whenever we want. Max pulls on his brand new chicken boots and we go all farmer like for a while.

This Easter, rather than paying someone to make you breakfast, what about whipping up your own. Buy great eggs and even better loaf of freshly made bread and enjoy the little things.

I watched this Jamie Oliver tutorial all the way through, to learn any more tricks on cooking eggs.

That shows I must be a little pregnant crazy.

Eggs and Easter go together like mustard and ham.

Happy days my friends.

Enjoy the ones you’re with, I certainly am down south in Dunsborough this morning.


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