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Sometimes we plan inspirational moments, other days they just fall into our laps with happenstance.

A coincidence.

A moment captured.

An opportunity grasped.

This morning I sat down at my computer preparing for my day and my son came into my room with his rain boots on and a big sand bucket ready for adventures.

My big man has the day off today and he wasn’t far behind my Max, they were on their way to the beach to collect little memories.

As my big man walked away, I smiled and thought ‘How gorgeous do they both look!’, I yelled from my desk, take lots of photos for me.

My husband replied ‘No, you come and take your own!’

So I did.


I left my computer, I left my work and I wandered the beach barefooted in the rain with my best friends.

I remembered how much I loved to collect memories. I breathed in deeply the autumn breeze. I felt so completely home in that moment like I had lived it many times before. Like Heaven kissing the sand with its wet breath and life.

Happenstance, is available to us every day. A little coincidence here and there. It can only be captured though if we take time to notice the moments.

As we combed the beach looking for shells, sea urchins and weed, we in turn were teaching our little one to notice.

To notice that which is everyday in our world and make it something special.

What is awaiting your discovery today?

Lay down the I pad, look out the window and explore.

Find some happenstance.

Moments of beauty awaiting discovery.




2 thoughts on “happenstance

  1. I L O V E this! I love how one small thought or decision could inspire such a big difference in the adventure of our everyday.
    x x

    1. Thanks Jo! How funny is my Big Man! How lovely is winter at the shack. XXOO

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